DROGHEDA LEADER, Wednesday 5th December 2007


This weekend saw a group of girls from labfitness attempt a Guinness Book of records challenge for the most people taking part in a pole dancing fitness routine at any one time.
Drogheda played host to a Guinness book of World records attempt over the weekend when 62 girls took to their fitness dancing poles to raise much needed money for cancer research.
the girls from Ireland's leading fitness pole dancing school, LABFITNESS, headed the record attempt with the largest contingent from all the groups worlwide.
The attempt was organised with over 550 women from sever different countries doing a 10 minutes routine in an effrot to achieve the record for most people taking part in a fitness pole dancing routine at once.
The girls got the change of a 10 minutes warm up before the bell rung signigying the start of the routne with large cheers ringing out from the spectators. Women in America, Canada, China, Uk, Belgium and France along with Ireland, from 46 different pole dancing schools took part in the attempt.
The world record attempt had been organised for some time before the event and this was clear to see as the girls were in perfect time during the routine. the fitness group were led in their moves by head fitness pole dancing instructor and owner of Labfitness Laura Armada buch.
Speaking to the Leader Laura said she is very possitive that they achieved the record and that they raised a large amount of cash for their choses charity. The deal is that the crowd that raises the most money for charity wins the official cert fom guinness as only 1 is issued. I've emailed the organisers in London, and they are 99% sure we have it!!' We think we have raised in excess of 10,000 euro for the Irish cancer society, but we won'thave the final figure until the end of the week. 
The worldwide attempt was timed with the help of the international clock meaning that some of the groups were dancing in the middle of the night on the other side of the world. When the 10 minutes was up the girls were absolutely thrilled that they had completed the routine with many staying at their poles not wanting to stop after having so much fun.
Since the fitness club started their fitness pole dancing classes numbers have shot through the roof with throngs of women young and old taking up the fun pastime. the girls have raised large amounts of money through their fundraising events like 'miss pole dance ireland' for local charities.
The offcial figures of money raised and confirmation that the attempt was successful will not be announced until the end of the week so keep you eyes open for next week's Leader.
THE IRISH SUN, 30th November 2007


Hundreds of dance fanatics from all over the world are limbering up to try to break a POLE DANCING world record. More than 85 Irish pole dancers are to join international dancers in a car park in Drogheda at 4pm on Sunday 2nd dec where they will attempt to set a new record for the most pole dancers performing the same routine to the same music at the same time.
All money raise will go to the Irish Cancer Society.
Pole dace enthusiast Michelle Nugent, 25, said 'I would highly recommend pole dancing for fitness'.
Lovely Caitriona Henry
Lovely Caitriona Henry
THE SOUTH MEAST POST,  Wednesday 27th November 2007


Dunboyne girls Caitriona Henry is Miss February in a charity pole-danicng calendar aimed at raising funds for DAR.

'We are hoping to raise in total about 7 or 8K, which should keep the palce open for 5 months or so' says Caitriona. She has been learning fitness pole danicng for the past year and half at Labfitness in Drogheda. 'I think fitness pole danicng is absolutely brilliant. You're carrying your own body weight so you're doing a lot of resistance work'/
'If you ever wanted to tone up your arms or the bottom of your back or your saddlebags it's the best way ever' she says. She has her own pole int he kitchen at home where she practises regularly. 'You only need to practise for 15 minutes a couple of times a week and the difference in your shoulders and arms is amazing' she says. 'I've done aerobics, done weights, done the gym thing and I always have flabby bits at the tops of my arms and I never knew how to get rid of them' ' I thought it was hereditary but the pole has sorted everyting out'. Caitriona put the pole up in her kitchen while her boyfriend was away in America for 5 weeks training to be a pilot. When he arrived home, told the meath post :' he went 'oh sweet jesus, what have you done?'
'He was a bit shocked but he understands now that it is just for fitness. You wear a tshirt and shorts. There is nothing sexy about it. You're sweating from swinging yourself around the pole'.
The calendar can be bought from and costs €10 plus p&p.
Hair-raising: some of the feats performed
Hair-raising: some of the feats performed

THE EVENING HERALD, Wednesday 21st November 2007


Labfitness calendar girls in aid of DAR. Back row Maria Traynor, Lorraine Milne, Margaret Balfe, (front row) Emma Black
Labfitness calendar girls in aid of DAR. Back row Maria Traynor, Lorraine Milne, Margaret Balfe, (front row) Emma Black and Laura Armada
DROGHEDA LEADER, Wednesday 21st November 2007


Fitness pole dancing girls pose in new charity calendar to help raise funds for Drogheda Animal Rescue.

Following the great success of Miss Pole Dance Ireland recently, the fitness pole danicng girls from Labfitness have once again teamed up with DAR to release a calendar in aid of the voluntary group. Featuring girls from the fitness pole dancing classes the calendar includes stunning black and white and colour shots of the girls in action. 
Well known photographer David Deegan took the shots of the girls and dancing instructors to help raise as much money as possible for DAR which help and rehome abandoned animals.
Labfitnes owner Laura Armada Buch told the Drogheda Leader why she decided to put the calendar together. 'After MIss pole dance ireland competition raised so much money for DAR we decided to bring the calendar out to raise more money for the great work they do'.
'We also wanted tor aise the profile of fitness pole dancing in Ireland as a legitimate keep fit activity and not somehting sleazy, I'm sure people will agree when they see the calendar that the pictures are very classy' she said.
All of the people involved from the photographer, models, designers and printers have all done the work for free to ensure that every penny raised will go to DAR. 
At the recent Miss Pole Dance Ireland event over €2000 was raised for DAR and all the girls from Labfitness are hoping to equal this again. The calendar is being sold on for the small amount of €10 and Laura is hoping that everyone will buy a copy and help such a worthy cause.
So not only will you have a calendar featuring spectacular shots of the girls but you will also be giving the many abandoned animals that DAR cares for a special gift this xmas.
One of the shoots for the new calendar
One of the shoots for the new calendar
DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT, Wednesday  21st November 2007

LABFITNESS LAUNCH NEW POLE DANCING CALENDAR FOR CHARITY has teamed up with one of Ireland's leading photographers to design Ireland's first ever fitness pole dancing calendar. The calendar has been created to raise funds for DAR and all the parties involved, from printers to photographers and the girls taking part, have given their services for free so all the money raised will go directly to DAR.
According to Laura Armada-Buch, of Labfitness, the calendar has two purposes, to raise the profile of fitness pole dancing as an form of exercise and not something sleazy and to raise money for DAR.
Laura and a fellow instructor now run 22 classes a week with people travelling from as far as malahide and Kildare. 
The calendar features a number of the girls who take part in Laura's fitness pole dancing class in various gymnatics poses.
Indeed, Laura reveals that the craze is similar to gymnastics as it involved a high level of skill, agility and fitness.
The calendars are for sale on for €10 and all the profits go to the animal rescue.
DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT, Wednesday 21st November 2007

(PART 2)
Members of Labfitness presenting the cheque to the Animal Rescue
Members of Labfitness presenting the cheque to the Animal Rescue



After a very succesful Miss Pole Dance Ireland competition night in McHugh's over €2000 was raised for the Drogheda Animal Rescue centre (DAR).
Pictured is laura Armada of LABFITNESS presenting a cheque for €2,035 to the members of the DAR fundraising committee.
The competition was very well attended and sold out in advance of the night. It went so well, in fact, that it will be held in a bigger venue next year.
Meanwhile, a charity table quiz in aid of DAR will take place in the Westcourt hotle on Monday October 22nd.
The cost is €50 for a table of four.

THE SUN, Thursday 20th September 2007

Tina gets to grips with saucy fitness trend




Labfitness pole dancers Laura Armada, Arlene Caffrey, Margaret Brady and Elma Martin
Labfitness pole dancers Laura Armada, Arlene Caffrey, Margaret Brady and Elma Martin
DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT, 12th September 2007


Some 20 girls will be vying for 'pole' position in mcghues on thursday night as the miss pole dance Ireland competition takes place.
Tickets for the event, which is in aid of Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) have already sold out.
The judges on the night include comedian Joe Rooney, fitness pole dancing instructor Melissa O'Neill and Champion fintess pole dancer Katie Coates.
'The tickets are sold out already, which is fantastic because we are really hoping to raise a lot of money for the charity' siad organiser Laura Armada who runs fitness pole dancing classes at her Labfitness studio in Greenhills. 'We are going to have to look for a bigger venue next year!'
The popularity of the event is reflected in the recent surge in popularity fitness pole dancing has enjoyed with young women throughout the area.
Laura and a fellow instructor now run 22 classes a week with people travelling from as far as Kildare and Malahide. 'We actually have someone wh comes all the way from Cork! She comes up once every 2 weeks to do it' says Laura, who started teaching the classes in 2006.
'You don't realise you are exercising, it is  a fun way to spend an hour and the results are failry imminent. It is a challenge, everyone can do it but you do have to set yourself goals'.
12 of those taking part will also star in a new calender with allthe proceed raise from that going to the Gary kelly cancer centre.
'David Deegan is taking the pictures for that on Thursday morning and then the competition will be on that night. Hopefully it will be a great night, all the girls are training very hard and there are people coming from all over'.
And while Laura plans to continue her pole dancing classes she is also predictiong a new exercise trend- fitness hula hooping.
'It's called hula aerobics- i did it yesterday and my waist is in bits today but it is so much fun, we were giggling the whole way through it. I am going to start teaching that in the coming weeks'.

DROGHEDA WEEKENDER, friday 7 September 2007

Miss Pole Dance to hit McHugh's

Interior design is taking on a new perspective in Drogheda as fitness pole are popping up like mushrooms throuth the town!! 
It is all thanks to Laura Armada, proprietor and instructor of Labfitness, Drogheda. Laura was the first person in the Republic of Ireland to gain a fitness pole danicng qualification which is recognised internationally and ever since she has been passing on her skills to the women of Drogheda and surrounding regions!
In order to promote pole fitness throughout Ireland, Laura will be hosting the ' miss pole dance ireland' competition in Drohgeda on September 13 to promote how exercise can be fun while also aiming to remove the stereotype of pole dancing being sleazy.
The competition will be divided into 2 sections with 10 girls in each section; the amateur section, i.e no girls are allowed upside down, yes, upside down, and the advanced section, where the girls are permitted and qualified to turn upside down on the pole.
All proceeds from the event will be donated towards the very deserving local charity DAR, an organisation tha is operated purely by volunteers and funded through fundraising events and donations.
So ladies, if you want to fit into that sexy little black dress by Christmas and learn a new skill while increasing your flexibility levles, get down to McHugh's on September 13! aslo performing on the night is the legendary pole dancing queen Katie Coates. Not one to miss!! tickets are selling like hot cakes so early purchasing of tickets is highly recommended.
Some participants taking part in a class at Labfitness recently
Some participants taking part in a class at Labfitness recently
DROGHEDA LEADER, 12th September 2007


Miss Pole Dance Ireland to swing into action this weekend

Fans of fitness pole dancing will be delighted to hear that Miss Pole Dance Ireland competition will be held in mcHughs tomorrow night Thursday 13th September.

Spectators will be greeted with the sight of 20 girls battling it out for the title of Miss Pole Dance Ireland and the competitioon is set to be one to remember.
The second competition of its kind to be held in Drogheda and the second time it has been organised by Labfitness instructor Laura Armada.
Earlier in the year Laura organised Pole Diva competition in Mchuhs, which proved to be a huge success.
Laura is staging the event in Drogheda to promote the fitness side of pole dancing and to move away from the stigma often attached to it.
'We are running these competitions to show people that pole dancing is a type of fitness and ot something you only see in a red light district. At the end of the day it is very similar to gymnastics.'
'This time we are donating all the money raised to the Drogheda Animal Rescue centre, it is a very worthy cause and all teh work they do is voluntary' laura told the Drogheda Leader.
There will be 2 sections in this year's events- one for amateurs where the girls will be limited in their moves on the pole and advanced where the girls can do whatever moves they please.
Spectators at the competition will also get the treat of seeing world famous pole dancing queen and one of the judges on the night Katie Coates in action. 
Tickets are selling fast so you better be quick if you want the chance to see the girls in show off their moves.
Tickets can be purchased at Labfitness Studios in Greenhills for €10 each.

STAR SUNDAY, September 9 2007


Dance lessons make getting fit sexy

Shimmying around a pole, slowly executed squats, swift sexy twirls - no it isn't the scene from a lap dancing club, it's the preferred way for girls to enjoy a night out.
Pole dancing as a form of fitness is fast becoming the top choice for ladies as they flock to physically-demanding sessions with the shaft of a weekly basis.
It's so popular that Laura Armada Buch teaches 19 fitness pole dancing classes a week at LABFITNESS STUDIOS in Greenhills Industrial Village, Drogheda.
And the feity 27-year-old is determined to steer pole danicng away from the often portrayed sleazy image and into mainstream fitness.
This thursday in mcHugh's pub, Drogheda, 20  girls will take part in a vertical dance competition.
With poise and grace, the dancers will perform a series of booty shakes and hip thrushts guaranteed to set temperatures soraing when the show kicks of at 8pm.
Laura says: " they aim of the competition is to raise the profile of pole dancing as fitness trend."
The mini-marathon runners who raised funds for the ILFA
The mini-marathon runners who raised funds for the ILFA
DI PLUS, Wednesday 22nd August 2007


The locals at this year's minimarathon did the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association (ILFA) proud as they raised over €7,500.

The minimarathon took place on June 4th and the ILFA has a team of 36 members in Dublin on the day.
In memory of Marie Everitt from Yellowbatter, her husband and daughter sponsored a bus to bring the team down to the event.
The main contributors to this fanstastic amount of money were the members of LABFITNESS who raised €6320.
Grateful thanks go to the Labfitness proprietor Laura Armada and all the 30 members who took part.
Also many thanks to the other supporters who raised a further €1380 giving the ILFA total of €7700. The ILFA would like to express sincere gratitude to all those who took part, and all those who gave sponsorship.
The Irish Lung Fibrosis Association is dedicated to improving the care and treatment of people with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) which is a potentially fatal lang disease.
Money raised from the minimarathon and other charity events will be used to fund treatment research fro the ILFA, and help them continue to increase awareness of IPF, and provide support for sufferers and their families.
Special thanks also to the local businesses who gave spot prizes for the day - Meagher's chimist, fox jewellers, dunnes' stores, lallys, briscoes, the crystal shop, paddy dwyers, coc cola, town centre jewellers, desmerie and homeflair.
The annual fundraising swing takes place on St. Stephen's day in Sandycove, and this year there will be one taking place in Bettystown to coincide with the event in Dublin.
Anyone interested in supporting or participating in this event should contact Ann on 086-8404003

DROGHEDA EXTRA, Thursday 16th August 2007


Introducing our new fully qualified fitness pole dancing instructor Vanessa McCowen.

Laura Armada presents the cheque for €1,800 for Ann Tracey of the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre.
Laura Armada presents the cheque for €1,800 for Ann Tracey of the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre.
DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT, Wednesday 4th July 2007


Well done to all the local girls who took part in the recent Miss Pole Diva Competition which was held in McHughs pub on May 16 last.
For not only did the girls in question provide a great night's entertainment for those who attended they also raised money for a very worthy cause.
Teacher Laura Armada from Labfitness, who runs the pole dancing classes in Drogheda, said a total of €1800 was raised on the night which was donated to the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre.
'The event ended up bigger that we thought and we were delighted to present the cheque to Ann Tracey of the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre,' said Laura
The Star, Sunday 20th May

Hip thrusting, slog sensual squats, swift and sexy twirls, booty shaking and gyrating are the hottest ways for Irish women to get in shape. Fitness Pole Dancing has taken off in a big way, turning dreams into a reality for Irish men whose girlfriends have before fans of the shaft.
And on Thursday night, gravity-defying moves were performed by 16 Irish girls in McHugh's pub in Drogheda, Louth.
The flexible ladies were battling it out to represent Ireland at the Miss Pole Diva championships in Manchester on June 3. The routines sizzled and temperatures soared as the hopefuls shimmied up and down the pole. Using their agile skills they hoped to impress the panel of judges, which included Today FM DJ Ray Foley and world-renowned pole dancer Katie Coates.
Sexy songs by Shakira, Beyonce, Girls Aloud, The pussycat dolls, Britney Spears and nelly furtado blasted from the speakers as one-by-one the dancers demostrated how low they could go and their best pole positions.
Cara Fearon was crowned Irish Miss pole diva after performing a routine which showed tremendous upperbody strength and gave the packed pub a glimpse of what judges in Manchester can expect next month. Primary school teacher Cara from Armagh, first started dancing 2 years ago in London and kept up her vertical hobby at a fitness club in Belfast when she returned to the North. Cara said 'I have been dancing for 2 years. I started in London and I now teach in Newry'. 'For me it's all about fitness and i'm very excited to be able to promote the business in England. I'm 34 and i have 3 kinds. Pole dancing is the only form of exercise that has worked for me.'
She added:' the oldest woman in my class is 50. It's really important for women to know that they can do this type of exercise at any age'.
And organisers of the pole dancing competition are keen to promote it as a form of exercise and take it far away from any associations with stripping and gentlemen's clubs.
Based in Drogheda, fintess instructor LAURA ARMADA BUCH (27) is the only qualified pole dancing instructor in Ireland.
She said: 'It's important to see pole dancing as a form of exercise and not as seedy dance for men. The girls who come to my classes practise in tracksuit bottoms and trainers, not heels. It gives them confidence and a great workout all over their body. after 6 to 8 classes there is a noticeable change in body shape and that's just from training.'
'I've had girls in my class drop a dress size after 8 weeks without any change in diet. It works out the whole body, especially upper body, legs, thighs and stomach'.
LAURA, who is originally from Barcelona, Spain, and trained in the UK under Katie Coates, now give classes 5 days a week from her LABFITNESS studio in Greenhills Industrial Village, Drogheda.
Katie (30), who has several titles under her belt, said:'Anyone out there who thinks pole dancing is seedy and slutty should pu on a pair of trainers and shorts and get down to a class. They'll soon change their mind.'
Katie is looking forward to the realease of her fitness pole dancing DVD in september and defends the fitness merits of pole dancing.
'It's something new and exciting that works out the whole body.'
For more information on LAURA's fitness pole dancing classes go to
Drogheda Independent, May 23rd 2007


Girls top pole in dance contest

The most hotly anticipated pole in the area was presented to the public last Wednesday as Drogheda's first ever pole dancing competition took place. The competition was organised by Drogheda dance teacher LAURA ARMADA BUCH (27) who is determined to shake off the seedy image often associated with pole dancing.
'People still view it as sleazy but it isn't at all, the girls all train in tracksuit bottoms and trainers, not in high heels. I always say 'people shouldn't have an opinion until they have tried it once', said Laura who gives classes in pole dancing five days a week at her LABFITNESS studion, in Greenhills.
'We wanted to let people understand it is not sleazy, it is a form of exercise'. She went on to explain that pole dancing was similar to gymnastics as it involved a high level of skill, agility and fitness. The burgeoning fitness craze is certainly proving a hit with the female population of Drogheda and since the competition last week Laura now has a waiting list of 4 months for classes.
'We have another instructor nearly trained now so we will be able to accommodate more people for classes', said Laura who is currently the only qualified pole dancing instructor in Ireland.
She said the competition on Wednesday night in McHughs was a huge success and tickets had sold out three weeks in advance. 
Fourteen girls from Drogheda and two from Newry took part in the event, which was judged by top pole dancer Katie Coates and Today FM DJ Ray Foley.
Mareid Killeen was the winner of the amateur title oand she will travel to manchester for the Miss Pole Diva championship in June along with the overall winner on the night, Cara Fearon from Newry, who will also travel to the final in Manchester.
The whole event was filmed for TV3 and was featured on Xpose on Friday and Saturday.
'There was an absolutely fanstastic atmosphere on the night, with lots of friends, partners and husbands in attendance. The girls had all been training extremely hard for it, they were practically living with me 24/7 at the fitness studio! We sold out week's in advance and all the money is going to the Gary Kelly Cancer Centre, so it is great to raise money for such a good cause' said Laura.

DI PLUS, 23rd May 2007

Girls top the pole ahead of election fever

The week kicked off on Wednesday for the Night Owl when she was asked to attend the Irish heat of Miss Pole Diva. The competition was organised by Laura Armada from Labfitness in Greenhills.

Laura, teaches pole dancing for fitness in Drogheda and many of her students entered the competition in the hope of representing Ireland in Manchester on the June bank holiday.
The room was packed to the rafters as everyone gathered to support their friends. The amateur section had ten entrants: Fiona Walsh, Emma Black, Siobhan Buckley, Mareid Kileen, Margaret Brady, Sonia Gough, Carmel Smith, Arlene Caffrey and Erica Murphy. The girls were fantastic and everyone was entertained by all participants.
There were six entrants in the professioanl competition who included Lynn mcguigan, Cara Fearon, Lisa Levins, Alison McMahon, Maria Traynor and Vanessa McGowen.
Night Owl has a chat with Vanessa mcGowen who told the bird that she had broked her finger the week before but had decided to go ahead with the competition as she loved her sport and would love to represent her country in the next stage of the competition.
These girls are allowed to hang upside down which is the main diffrence between anateur and professional. Two instructors were the judges as well as Ray Foley from Today FM.
Ray told the Night Owl that he was a little nervous about doing the judging but he would do his best. Aisling O'Loughlin from TV3's Xpose was also there to cover the competition and told the night owl that they would cover the event on Friday's programme. She also added that she was very excited to be at the first of the Miss Pole Diva competition and was very impressed with the skills of all the competitors.
After all the girls had done thier piece, the judges marks were collated and eventually Mareod Kileen was announced as winner of the anateur section while Cara Fearon emerged as winner of the professional section with the injured Vanessa coming a very close second.
Drogheda Leader, 18th April 2007


Drogheda's pole dancing divas set to impress

Drogheda is set to get a bit fitter and perhaps a bit sexier next month when the town hosts the Irish heat of 'pole diva'- the first official fitness pole dancing competition in the Uk and Ireland.
For any of our readers a liitle in the dark, this pole dancing has nothing to do with Polish people, but instead in the latest fitness craze to sweep across Drogheda thanks to Catalan woman Laura Armada-Buch.
Although completely diffrent in every respect from the sleazy pole dancing that takes place in cities like Amsterdam, spectators can still expect red lights... but also yellow, green, blue and every other colour light associated with disco dancing.
Taking place in 'The Venue' Mchugh's on 16th May, up to 16 women will show off their skills in front of a panl of 3 judges, including the professional Englsih pole dancer Katie Coates.
Laura explained 'this competition has been going for a few years in the UK and NI entered last year. We only found out about it at the last minute and couldn't enter last year but this year the Republic of Ireland is entered and will be represented at the finals in Manchester on 3rd June'.
Laura has been a dance and fitness instructor for the past 11 years and is always eager to find new ways to make fitness fun and challenging for her students. Fitness pole dancing is a form of dancing that involved dancing around a polished stainless steel pole. This unique form of dance incorporated gymnastic moves with freestyle movement, ballet and modern dance. It involves static and moving position around the pole as weel as some dancing free of the pole.
The various spins and moves and poses help to enhance muscle tone since you have to support your entire body weight. Although most of the women competing in the Irish hear are from Drogheda, the competition is open to any women from the Republic of Ireland wishing to enter.
Ms. Armada-Buch said, 'there are very few places in Ireland where you can learn fitness pole dancing so that is the reason why most of the competitors are from Drogheda'.
Most of the women taking part in the event are students lf Laura's Labfitness studio in Drogheda, and many have been training up to 10 hours per week in preparation for next month's event.
So what do the women have to do to impress the judges? Laura explained 'the girls have to pick out a song they want to dance to and then work out a dance to it. I've helped some of them with their choreography but some of them worked out their own moves'/
Anyone interested in signing up the for competition can contact Laura on 087 6314752 or visit
Drogheda Indepent, May 16th 2007

Top of the pole!: Girls winning fitness race

Racing to be top of the pole- but not for the elections!

16 Drogheda ladies have a pole of their own to face this week - and it has nothing to do with the General election!
This pole, as opposed to an election poll, is a fitness pole and will be located in McHugh's pub for the first official poledancing competition to be held in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday night , May 16th.
2 finalist will be chosen by a panel of judges, including pole dancing legend katie Coates, to go to the grand fianl in manchester on June 3rd, and it is haping up to be a hugely entertaining event.
Fitness pole-dancing is one of the hottest fitness trends to arrive in Ireland in recent years. According to instructor Laura Armada-Buch, of the Labfitness studio in Drogheda, pole dancing has shaken off its seedy and sleazy image and moved out of the shadows ot become a fresh, fun and exciting way to increase fitness and tone your body. 'It's a form of dance that involves dancing around a polished stainless steel pole. this unique form of dance incorporated gynmastic moves with freestyle movement, ballet and moders dance. It involves static and moving positions around the pole as well as some dancing free of the pole' she explained.
'The various spinning moves and poses really enhance muscle tone since your have to support your entire body weight. you can take pole dancing in whatever direction you like, keeping it simple or constanly striving for new moves and combinations.'
The girls taking part include: Caitriona Henry, Carmel Smith, Fiona Walsh, Maria Traynor, Arlene Caffrey, Maireid Killeen, Erica Murphy, Margaret Brady, Sonia Gough, Siobhan Buckley, Vanessa McGowen, Alison McMahon, Lisa levins and Emma Black. It starts at 8pm.
Drogheda Indepent, 9th May 2007

Pole Dancing the latest exercise trend to hit town

The latest exercise craze to hit Drogheda in recent months is that of pole dancing!

Indeed such is the fever sweeping town over this latest fitness phenomenon that Ireland's first ever Fitness pole dancing competition is due to be held in drogheda next Wednesday night, May 16.
The Droghedean hears that 15 local women will be competing for the title which take place in McHugh's pub.
The introduction of fitness poledancing to the Boyneside has been spearheaded by Laura Armada-Buch, the inspirational and innovative fitness instructor who runs the Labfitness studio in the Greenhills industrial Village.
Apparently quite a few local ladies are so hooked on the exercise that they have even gone to the bother of having a pole installed in their home!!
One such lady is Yvonne Cranley who has been doing classes for six months. 'Pole dancing has really improved my fitness levels and helped me to lose weight', she enthused.
Two finalist will be chosen next week to go th the grand final in Manchester on June 3.
May the best ladies win!
DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT, Wednesday 4th May 2007


Fitness pole dancing is one of the hottest fitness trends to arrive in Ireland in recent years. According to its practitioners, poledancing has shaken off its seedy and sleazy image and moved out of the shadows to become a fresh, fun and exciting way to increase fitness and tone your body.
The introduction of fitness poledancing in Ireland has been spearheaded by Laura Armada-buch, who runs the Labfitness studio in Drogheda.
Thanks to Laura's help and encouragement, 16 local labfitness ladies have entered 'Pole Diva', the first official pole dancing competition in the UK and Ireland.
The Irish heats will be hel in Drogheda on May 16 when two finalist will be chosen.
Carmel Smith taking part in the Pink Aerobics at Labfitness in Greenhills in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness.
Carmel Smith taking part in the Pink Aerobics at Labfitness in Greenhills in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness.
DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT, Wednesday 25th October 2006


Laura Armada-Buch will give classes, including in pole dancing, to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Laura Armada-Buch will give classes, including in pole dancing, to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.
DROGHEDA LEADER, Wednesday 18th October 2006


'Labfitness' studio is the place to  be this sunday as Laura Armada-Buch will be running classes all day long for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Laura is a fully qualified and experinced fitness instructor and on the day will her cater for everyone's needs.
She will be holding classes such as 'rebounding', an aerobics class that is performed on mini trampolines, Pilates, Yoga and even Pole Dancing!!
You can try as many classes as you like, details for this special event can be found on
All proceeds from the day will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society, which supports 'Action Breast Cancer'.
The newly opened Labfitness studio is located in the Greenhills industrial Estate. Laura looks forward to seeing you on the 22nd to support Breast Cancer Awareness.
DROGHEDA WEEKEND,  Friday 20th October 2006


Fitness instructor LAURA ARMADA-BUCH is doing her bit for breasst cancer awareness by holding a 'Pink Aerobics' day at her LABFITNESS studio in Drogheda.
On Sunday, October 22 Laura, a fully qualified and experienced fitness instructor will hold classes all day long at her premises at the Greenhills Industrial Estate.
All proceeds from this special event will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society, which supports 'Action Breast Cancer', the leading provider of information and support for diagnosed and undiagnosed women.
Laura's classes are fun and energetic and there is one to suit everybody. You can do as many classes as you like - even the whole day!
Details fo the time-table can be found by logging on to
Josie Branigan and Valerie Everard from the Women's Refuge Centre accept a cheque from Laura Armada-Buch of Labfitness.
Josie Branigan and Valerie Everard from the Women's Refuge Centre accept a cheque from Laura Armada-Buch of Labfitness. Laura recently took part in the Ladies mini marathon and raised approximately 1,700 euro.
DROGHEDA LEADER, Wednesday 12th July 2006


14 Labfitness girls took part in the 2006 Dublin Women Minimarathon and they helped raised €1,700 for the Women's Refuge Centre in Drogheda.
Laura Armada-Buch, who is bringing pole dancing classes to Drogheda
Laura Armada-Buch, who is bringing pole dancing classes to Drogheda
DROGHEDA LEADER, Wednesday 28th June 2006


Drogheda women are set to have bodies like strippers thanks to a new pole dancing fitness craze!

Laura is first to bring pole dancing to Drogheda

Set up by sultry senorita Laura Armada-Buch the classes are already booked out as the mania grips the town. It's even become so popular that some men are joining up to do their best Demi Moore impressions.
'I first saw the programme in England and I thought it was amazing. We're quite behind in Ireland when it comes to fitness so I wanted to be the first one to bring it here' said Laura.
'The classes involve dancing around a pole and is a really intense full body workout. I've been training every day for the past three months on the pole and it certainly takes it out of you' added the fitness instructor.
Laura, a native of Barcelona before moving to Ireland in 1998, said she found the initial classes tough going.
'I've been training since i was 3 years of age and I've never done anything like this. You work out everything from your neck to your toes'.
'When I first tried the pole dancing i found it hard to walk the next day! I'd never experienced such pain but believe me it's worth it as you'll tone up within a few weeks,' said the Catalan.
You needn't worry about overdoing things as Laura has set up classes for all different fitness levels.
'My initial classes are for beginners and last for 8 weeks. You don't need to be double jointed as it's a fantastic workout that is extremely good for the body. I've been getting a great buzz from it so far' said Laura.
The early classes are already booked out and whisper it even a few males have signed up.
'Loads of guys do it in England although so far I've only had a few sign up. It's an ideal workout for women who are trying to get in shape for their holidays or weddings. You'll feel great after it', concluded Laura.
The classes are due to start in Greenhills Industrial Estate on Monday 3rd July.
For further information you can contact Laura on 087 6314752 or online
DROGHEDA LEADER, Wednesday  28th June 2006

Laura opens LABFITNESS studio in Drogheda

Laura Armada-Buch, the bubbly and energetic fitness instructor, is opening a new studio in Drogheda on the 3rd July. In this state-of-the-art studio, Laura will hold a range of fitness classes to suit all ages and fitness levels. Laura's classes are varied, effective and lots of fun. Laura, who hails from Barcelona has been living in Ireland since 1998 and has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She is a highly qualified and experienced fitness instrutor with a passion for life and for fitness that is infectious!!

Laura is a dedicated fitness instructor whose expertise and personality will mitivate and inspire you to challenge and work your body in new ways. She began dancing at the tender age of 3 and began doing aerobics professionally at 16. Since then, she has branched out into many different areas of fitness. She is highly qualified with certifications in fitness pilates, fitness yoga, step, ante/post natal instruction, to name but a few. The latest addition to her qualifications are in Rebounding and fitness pole dancing- more on that later! Laura's students can be confident in her thorough knowledge of what she is teaching and her concern for the safety of her students. She is always improving her fitness education. She frequently attends masterclasses and workshops, so she is at the cutting edge of the latest developments and trends in the fitness industry. Laura is not only highly skilled- her dynamic personality and her appealing and approachable nature mean that her classes are always something to look forward to. Who ever thought exercise could be so much fun?!

Laura has been teaching in Ireland for many years and has many loyal students. One of these, Jackie Tully, has been attending classes for almost 7 years. Jackie gives 3 simple reasons for this:
1. MOTIVATION: she brings a new meaing to the word
2. CLASS VARIETY: check out the timetable. It's in a league of its own
3. RESULTS: after 7 years I still feel the same age I was when I started! need I say more?"